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Shuffling along at light speedjuggling air – traffic payrollsstrict myriad duties andinhuman precisions withthe ultimate brainchildmatured into remote nowsovereign queen play明确a sanitized hive cortex wrapis bored by brains’dumb game

Words from the的心migrate like birdsthrough dark and drizzleInvisible wingspass the barrenobdurate eyes andTo alight and reveallike feathered nest inintent the sweetAnd anxious touchbreathed at lastsilent song inWords to the的心neath flamingo skiesin lime – Ricky weather

Welcome to spring!Season love and liveliness明确Occasion明确novel beginningsAnd opportunities

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Your highness一些curse youwish you a permanent and‘ ‘ down and yet others是Believe,中间indispensable as you ‘ re veinssneer and tire明确exercising youour muscles明确modern world a

Charles Eastland By(author – ‘ The Fire Poems ‘)

In并realm明确joyTrees charmingly give birthTo new leaves babyblossom朵花Spreading their sweet aromaIn the airRainbow shows up with a微笑Romanticizing the earth